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Piano Lessons At Holland Music Academy

Whether you aspire to play Beethoven, pop music, or just learn the basics, I will help you become the pianist that you want to be.

Do I Need A Piano?

You do not need a full-sized piano to get started; for your first year (at least), a full-sized electronic keyboard is all you need to practice at home.

What Age And Skill Level Students Do You Accept?

I accept beginner and intermediate adult students, as well as children ages 6 and up.

Piano Program

  • Students in the piano program receive weekly 30-minute private lessons.

  • The piano program runs continually, and includes 48 private lessons per year (please see our schedule here).

  • Multiple tuition plans are offered.

  • Students also have several performance opportunities each year (see below).

Want To Learn More?

Please contact me if you have any questions, or to schedule a free trial lesson.

Performance Opportunities

Students will have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year:

  • Group  lessons: Twice a year, I will conduct group lessons with students as an opportunity to practice performing in front of peers and adults. These are an incredible opportunity to practice etiquette, memorization, and performance skills, and to build confidence.

  • Spring recital: We will hold a spring recital for all students in May.

  • Holland Piano Clubs: Students may choose to performance in local Piano Clubs organized by the Holland Piano Teachers Forum.


Ready To Get Started?

If you're interested in taking lessons, or would like to learn more, let's talk!

Click here to get in touch.

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